my first compact fluorescent lamp

My family is very poor, our electricity is only 450 W. we have television only, a compact fluorescent lamp for dinning room , incandescent bulbs for kitchen, and bed rooms. We didn’t have a lots of money even to buy more compact fluorescent lamp. when compact fluorescent lamp in the dinning room was out order we couldn’t buy a new one. so we use incandescent bulb again. Because we only have Television , everything is ok.

I love learning on my own after finishing my senior high school .I learned English on my own seriously. I spent most of my days and nights sitting in front of my table studying English. Then I realized my incandescent bulb in my room ( where I studied ) no longer give me enough lighting and my parent kept telling me my 100 W incandescent bulb spent too much energy, so I made afford to buy a new compact fluorescent lamp ( I sewed embroidery for living too )as the shopkeeper in the shop where I looked for bulb that can give me more lighting recommended me a 15 W compact fluorescent lamp that lighter than 100 W incandescent bulb. so I bought it eventually and it helped me a lot.

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