he is my husband

who’s is your idol ? mine is my husband. Ii is not because I love him very much. he is a most wonderful man I have ever known. He is not as perfect person, but he is a good one.

We have been together for almost 5 years after married and 4 years before. I married him not because he is a rich man . I didn’t even know he is rich. he is not rich actually . he is a hard worker. he works harder and harder.

I was a 22 years old girl when our relationship getting more seriously, he was quite older and ready to start a family. We had been gotten along for almost 4 years at the time.  it was a long time to let it bye.

that’s  our connection. now we are having 3 kids that cause us to look for another business. To cover all we need when they are getting older we will have a shop.  the sop sells any kind of flat washers,Bellevilles, Shims, buiding material. it is a good shop because myh usband is a developer.

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