westlife of mine


This song remains me the one I loved very much. Actually I knew this group when my ex boyfriend gave me a cassette. I almost had never heard this song untill we broke , but then somehow I listened to it when I had got a new boyfriend , someone my ex didnt like it. the one then I loved very much. he is handsome and charming. We got along for unknown time. he invited me to come to his house ( his sister was my best friend so I knew where it was  ) just couple days we started a relationship, you already  know what happen when a man and a woman together in a empty house. 


I dont tell you I am a good girls who doesnt like it but at that time I thought how came he invited me to his house , making out with me while he didnot know how long our feeling would stay. what happen if tomorrow we broke up after making out ? someone has touched my body is the one who hate me ? where should I throw his touch away of my body ? i cant stand it..

thinking of it , I can’t come closer when he asked me even I really wanted too. I loved him so much,  I have never loved someone like I loved him . BUt I didnot want he made me out. we were together just a couple days, what happen a couple months , years to go ? I probably had lost my virginity , when he left me no one wouldnot like to be with me. that’s not what I want. nomatter how much I love him , I prefered to stay away. I amnot a whore. 

But I brought my love of him couples years later. until now I am still thinking he treat me like a whore. he does … wish one day he knows I loved him more than life but I dont want to be with someone who like having fun with whores… 



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